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David Watts

Councillor David Watts


Welcome to the Home Page of David Watts, Liberal Democrat councilor for Bramcote on Broxtowe Borough Council. This site contains details of my activities as a councilor, and also gives details about the wind turbine installed on?my house. Iíve added these pages to give a personal take on the process, so that other people can have easy access to the information that wasnít readily available when I started?down the road of looking at alternative energy supplies.

This site sets out my beliefs and the things I stand for as a local councilor. Please take time to explore it, and feel free to contact me if I can help in any way with any issues you have.

I edit a weekly e-news on behalf of Broxtowe Lib-Dems, detailing events and developments from across the constituency. You can subscribe to this using the link opposite.

Cllr David Watts

6 Edingale Court





To contact me:

Phone: 0115 854 4031

Fax: 0115 854 4032


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